54 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London SW7 5JW

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Modern hotels in London 

If you are seeking out luxurious modern hotels in London, 54 Queen’s Gate may well meet your criteria. The most exciting hotels of today tend to look much different from the way they did decades ago, with new technology and modern trends reshaping what the guests of 2019 want from their accommodation. Many modern hotels are part of what’s known as the ‘boutique hotel’ trend. 

Distinctive delights 

Modern boutique hotels are noted for being more distinctive and interesting than accommodation typically offered by the big chains. The concept of the boutique hotel first emerged in 1980s New York, though it has seen a drastic rise in popularity over recent years. The idea of the boutique hotel was to break the rules of conventional accommodation and to provide guests with a home from home. Boutique hotels are all about providing more than a simple means to an end and have become popular attractions in their own right. Designers of boutique hotels pay vast attention to detail. It’s common to see high-end artworks added to the walls of modern boutique hotels, with their restaurants serving up sumptuous cuisine made from the finest locally-sourced ingredients. 

The warmest of welcomes 

Luxury modern hotels tend to be in highly sought-after parts of the city. They are often housed in buildings of high historical significance and can feel much more intimate than large chain hotels, generally having no more than 24 bedrooms. Another reason for the growing popularity of modern boutique hotels is that no two hotels are ever quite the same. When you stay in a boutique hotel, you can expect a higher standard of customer service than you are likely to receive elsewhere, with staff being on first-name terms with you if you are happy with this. 

Spectacular attention to detail 

Another big draw of modern hotels is that they offer a range of facilities to make your stay extra special, providing furniture made from high-end manufacturers, quirky interior design and even artisan toiletries. You might also encounter bold colour schemes, retro décor, antique ornaments and much more. If you are planning a stay in London and wish to visit a popular modern hotel with a host of distinctive and delightful features and facilities, 54 Queen’s Gate may well fit the bill. 

The perfect base for your stay 

We are located close to a host of world-class landmarks and attractions, with the Hyde Park border being just steps away. The hotel is housed inside a Grade II Edwardian townhouse with 24 elegant bedrooms, a private terrace and a vibrant bar. We have recently refurbished the hotel, installing a series of bespoke decorations, furniture and fittings made from the finest materials. We are situated within one of London’s most exclusive postcodes and have also enlarged our rear terrace and kitchen space to enhance the experience even further. Feel free to contact us today to find out more about staying at 54 Queen’s Gate. You can reach us by sending a message to +44 020 7761 4000 or sending a message to reservations@54queensgate.com