54 Queen's Gate, South Kensington, London SW7 5JW

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Unique hotels in London 

More and more people are opting for unique hotels when they need somewhere to stay in London. By choosing a unique hotel, you can avoid staying somewhere that lacks distinctive features and doesn’t have that extra spark of magic needed to make your experience a fantastic one. Growing numbers of people have been turning their backs on chain hotels, finding them too sterile and similar to each other. When you stay at 54 Queen’s Gate, you can rest assured you will be able to admire a whole host of distinctive features and enjoy the highest calibre of customer service. 

A home from home

Many unique hotels are also known as ‘boutique hotels’. These hotels offer a home away from home experience and are renowned for their luxury and comfort. Managers and owners of these hotels are able to offer a more personalised experience as they are not restricted to the rules of a chain. They are also more likely to source kitchen ingredients from local suppliers and be able to take the feedback their guests leave them on board. A typical unique hotel might feature high-end artwork on the walls, quirky furniture, live performances and more. Such hotels tend to be housed in buildings that are steeped in history and located in trendy, exclusive areas. Many travellers have come to regard chain hotels as a tad predictable and lacking in character, which also explains the appeal of the unique hotel in the modern age. 

An intimate experience

Unique hotels also tend to have fewer rooms than their bigger chain-based counterparts. This means you can expect the atmosphere to be more intimate and magical. The reduced numbers of rooms allow staff to offer a much more personalised experience, and they may even address you by your first name if you are happy with this. As there are fewer fellow guests to bump into, you can expect to enjoy plenty of space and can avoid feeling cramped and crowded. Modern unique hotels aren’t always any more expensive than the big chain hotels – in fact, it’s often possible to pay less than you would elsewhere. 

Why 54 Queen’s Gate? 

54 Queen’s Gate may well be the hotel for you if you have been seeking out unique luxury accommodation in London. The hotel is located just a short distance away from Hyde Park in the famous South Kensington area. It is based in a Grade II Edwardian townhouse and is home to 24 bedrooms, a warmly welcoming bar and a private terrace. The hotel has also been refurbished recently, with new materials having been carefully selected for the outstanding aesthetic qualities and installed by highly experienced craftspeople. The dining options have also been expanded, with more space now being available on the rear terrace as well as in the kitchen. 54 Queen’s Gate is conveniently located close to a range of world-famous London landmarks such as The Natural History and the V&A Museums, Harrods, Kensington Palace and Hyde Park. 

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